Your Community, Your Landscape: Drone Footage Competition

2017 GLF

Enter your best bird's-eye footage to the Your Community, Your Landscape drone footage competition

Tell us about your local community and landscape: how do you, your community and others define, engage and interact with it? What challenges is your landscape facing, and how are you solving them?

The 2017 Your Community, Your Landscape drone footage competition will run up until GLF’s global event in Bonn, 19-20 December. The competition will cover five cross-cutting themes of the landscape approach: food & livelihoods, finance, restoration, rights and measuring progress.

Thousands of participants from all over the world will come together to participate in our 2017 events, with thousands—maybe even millions!—more tuning in online in some way or another. With representatives from the private sector, NGOs, leading international organizations, government and more—along with an online social media campaign that will reach millions through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and livestreaming—the GLF can put your work on the world’s stage.

Who can participate?

Anyone! No matter if you are an experienced drone pilot, or simply a passionate enthusiast: this year’s drone footage competition is open to anyone and everyone. If you have a passion for flying drones and an interest in landscapes, then this competition is for you.

How to submit videos:

To participate, contact Lynsey Grosfield ( with your submission. Submissions will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. If the file is too large to send over email, send a link to a dropbox or WeTransfer .MOV file.

Once your submission has been approved and uploaded, you can then promote your work on social media platforms, making sure to tag the relevant GLF social media page in all posts, and using the hashtags #thinklandscape and #dronescapesGLF.

Submissions must include a title, the author’s name, a specified competition theme and a maximum of 750 words of exposition.


Two grand prizes will be awarded for the overall 1st and 2nd placed videos, along with 5 rewards for the top-rated videos of each theme:

  • 1st prize: 1000 USD, and attendance at our global event in Bonn
  • 2nd prize: 500 USD, and attendance at our global event in Bonn
  • Runner-ups: The top 5 videos will be chosen for display at our event in Bonn, with full credit to the creator

Terms and Conditions:

By submitting videos to the competition, videographers agree to a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial share-alike license (BY-NC-SA). Competition organizers will use winning videos for event materials and exhibition at Forum events. Participants are not permitted to use these pieces for commercial purposes. Professional videographers are required to attach an authorization signed by a representative of the media company employing them. This authorization should state that the organizers of the contest have permission to publish their piece from the media outlet in which the video originally appeared.